Thursday, March 24, 2011


haiz....these few days things doesnt go well...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

School ended with HAPPY SMILES :D

Happy holidays,schools over!!maybe for few that nite i really had supprise when the "thing" i dont expect will happened,HAPPENED.I am so happy that night that i cant really sleeps......only friends know what really happened and i hope it will last long....probably until i left Saujana.....good luck for next year PMR and SPM students.....and i planned to go outing with my frens!thats why i said:School ened with Happy Smiles :D


I like my marks even though for good students it still suckish but its higher then my expectation and i will work hard and get better next year.

P/S peratus is 63.58...suck right?

Prefects night

sorry no time update...a happy nite with alots of beautiful and handsome girls/boys wearing their formal shirt...glad i am a prefect and had a chance to go again

Thursday, July 8, 2010

To all those unable to go the camping

Dun be sad....XD cheer up and I will tell the thingy at the camp after we get back.Wait for the news!!

hari bicara akedemik

its a D-Day(dooms day) for all the students but not me.....i am perfectly calm.Duty at Counter.It is a very tiring duty cuz need bring alot parents go up and down.Up down Up down Up down.........=.=.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!i supposed to lead a parent to 2 cengal but lead her to 2 damar!!!!RUSH WIF MY FULL SPEED.Lucky the aunty not yet arrive so i managed to found her...fuuuhh=.=...ater that,we go to bilik siaraya when Michelle took a noob picture of me posing!!!unbelieveable,she actually post it to my looks so noooooooooob!!
we have a talk when Michelle,Stephen and xinci talking their sad sad love story...Heng Yee said i was talking happily but actualy i am listening....after that we balik kampung tidur....yeah!

2-7-2010(sorry for the late posting)its that right?o.0?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

shit black chicken

2day,our bm teacher din come,got 1 indian teacher(black chicken)come for replacement.Jin Mun and Sok Yu seat in front me,when i pengawas going early recesss that MCB black CHIKEN ASK ME AND 3 OTHER PPL STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTH????GO OUT RECESS OSO CANNOT!!!!!SO MAKE ME NO GO DUTY.HAIZ..........