Thursday, July 8, 2010

hari bicara akedemik

its a D-Day(dooms day) for all the students but not me.....i am perfectly calm.Duty at Counter.It is a very tiring duty cuz need bring alot parents go up and down.Up down Up down Up down.........=.=.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!i supposed to lead a parent to 2 cengal but lead her to 2 damar!!!!RUSH WIF MY FULL SPEED.Lucky the aunty not yet arrive so i managed to found her...fuuuhh=.=...ater that,we go to bilik siaraya when Michelle took a noob picture of me posing!!!unbelieveable,she actually post it to my looks so noooooooooob!!
we have a talk when Michelle,Stephen and xinci talking their sad sad love story...Heng Yee said i was talking happily but actualy i am listening....after that we balik kampung tidur....yeah!

2-7-2010(sorry for the late posting)its that right?o.0?

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