Friday, December 11, 2009


on 7-12-2009 we go to school trip.we go there wif bus,after sitting a 4 hour bus,we stopped to have our lunch.How lucky,i sit in front of my gf and it make me happy abit.OMG!!!what are we disgusting and so as the following day.we at Langkawi the hotel still okok and we go to a tour in Langkawi.
on 3rd day,we go stay in a weird "hotel" in forest at Kuala Perlis.When me,Edward,Zhang Lin and Weng Kit entered our room,we were suprised with the facility of the tv,2.the floor got a iron mark(burned by the iron)3.the refridgerator is not usable,omg,our chocolate has all melted.and 4.the most worse:the water tap fall down when we wanted to bath......=.=
the 4th day,we r back to KL.when we r leaving our tour bus,my phone were lost!!!!omg.....tks godness i found it on the floor.

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